A Study in Shape & Construction

Written by: Mandy West


Time to read | 1 min

By now it should come as no surprise that we love collaborating with Peter Flemming of Nashville-Based Design Studio, Building No. 9, especially when we get a chance to stretch our creative brains to do something new and unique.

Peter brought us a vintage sportsman’s stool - An accessory with explicit utility designed to strap onto a huntsman’s backpack and then spike into the ground for seating in the field.

He asked us to reimagine this functional piece into a work of art, giving us full creative license on construction. We had a great time updating this vintage stool, recreating the leather components and stylistic adornments to create a unique interior design detail.

Through our conversations with Peter, we were able to bring into focus his vision of taking this very utilitarian object and transforming it into a luxury accessory with handcrafted-crafted sensibility.

This project was driven by precise craftsmanship and focused on the finer detailed appointments. 

Peter specified the materials, selecting a burnt orange, Italian calf leather with a classic Epsom embossing, a texture that we felt would compliment the unique, vintage cast-aluminum frame.

For the hand-stitched details we chose a steel gray thread to compliment the color of the leather, while adding visual contrast. 

The saddle itself was adorned with a Gray Epsom piping to frame and finish the seat.

This project organically developed into a case study in shape, construction and design; an elegant exploration in turning what had been strictly a utility-based stool into a piece of art.

The stool now hangs on the wall as an interior design detail while still maintaining the function it was originally designed for. 

Project Specs:

Leather Origin | Pisa, Italy

Leather Finish | Burnt Orange & Gray Epsom Calf Leather

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