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When I began Lockeland Leather, I sat alone at my home studio dreaming of how and in what ways this business would evolve and grow.

We have since collaborated with many of the world's most recognized brands like Chevrolet, PepsiCo, and Harley Davidson, to name a few.

As business continues to grow along with our list of revered clients, one thing, in particular, continues to ring true -

It really does take a village.

We're excited to announce and introduce Sarah Kelley Freeman as Lockeland Leather's 

Director of Brand Experience.

Rather than share some stuffy press release about Sarah's experiences and achievements, we thought it'd be best for you to get to know S.K.F. in a way that complements her energy and enthusiasm.

Follow along with our conversation below!


Lockeland Leather started as a one-man-studio in 2015. We’ve evolved a good bit over the years and are VERY excited for the strides taken to grow our team and better support our clients.

Tell us about your role as Director of Brand Experience and how it fits into our work here at Lockeland Leather. 

I am SO excited to come on board and  lead the charge of taking Lockeland Leather to the next level!

There is so much more to this position than selling our handcrafted leather goods and experiences. Primarily, I'll focus on strengthening the brand itself and growing our presence in Nashville and beyond.

Internally, I will be creating processes + procedures, helping to develop and expand our offerings, forge strategic partners, and more! 

Sarah Kelley Freeman, Director of Brand Experience at Lockeland Handcrafted Leather Studio in Nashville, Tennessee


You’ve likely crossed paths with many of our existing clients and collaborators -

We’d love to hear more about your previous professional experiences and some goals you have for the future of Lockeland. 

I have been creating in the event world for over a decade. The past 7+ years I have been in a planner role, handling the entirety of the event. That experience has equipped me with a vast amount of knowledge, as well as an amazing rolodex of contacts. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with major brands such as ESPN, Amex, Spotify, Nissan, and more! I'm really excited to continue working with these clients in a different capacity.

I’m looking forward to honing my focus from the event as a whole to one specific experience, which will allow me to be extremely thoughtful and creative on every project, and strengthening my existing relationships with our DMCs, planners, and clients.

What do you anticipate to be the greatest challenge you’ll face in this role, and what are you most excited about?

The answer is the same to both of these questions.

My biggest challenge is going to be learning about the craft of leatherwork. I can't fully speak to the exceptional quality of our leather goods until I understand the details of the craft and learn about our materials. This is also one of the most exciting things to me. I cannot wait to have all of that knowledge!

I can't wait to build upon the work that has been done and further introduce Nashville to Lockeland Leather. There is a bit of exclusivity to our brand, but at the same time, what we are doing at Lockeland is authentic to Nashville, and the movers and shakers in town need to know who we are! Being a part of that introduction is really exciting for me.

What are you most looking forward to as a part of the Lockeland Leather team?

I'm simply looking forward to being a part of the brand. Lockeland Leather is sophisticated and unique, and I am eager to be a part of that.


Maybe my favorite fun fact about you is that you moonlight as a dog walker - How did you get into this and, obviously, lets see those pup pics!

Hahaha yes!! Back in the Spring I realized that I needed something in my routine that simply made me happy, and I realized that animals are what provide me with that childlike joy I was searching for. 

So how do I incorporate animals into my everyday life in a convenient way? Walk dogs!

I signed up for a dog-walking app, and bam! I became an in-demand dog walker. At one point I had a roster of about 10 dogs I was walking regularly. I have since scaled that back to a more manageable 3.

Walking dogs is therapeutic to me, and something I will always try to incorporate into my life. 

Puppy licks!

Louis Vuitton. You’re addicted and for good reason. Where did this obsession start and what’s your favorite piece of your collection?

YES!! If you know me, you know that I love LV! It is honestly in my blood. My great grandmother, Milly, was a huge LV lover, and started collecting pieces back in the 1940’s. I have a number of vintage pieces from her and my Nana, but didn’t have my own until 2014. All I wanted was a Neverfull purse, and my mom surprised me on my college graduation day with my first, new, LV bag! 

Since then I have built a collection of more than 20 pieces of Louis Vuitton, consisting of handbags, small leather goods, luggage, and jewelry. I try to purchase a piece every time something big happens in my life, so I can look at my collection and remind myself of what I have overcome, and to be thankful for every opportunity. 

I’m going to Italy in October, and I am SO excited to find a unique and special piece there! My Nana passed away in August, so whatever piece I get will be in her honor. 

The piece that I love and use the most, is my Speedy 40 handbag. My favorite and most unique piece is Milly’s address book with her initials on it.

One of my favorite things about Nashville is that it looks SO DIFFERENT to so many people. 

Walk us through your “Perfect Nashville Day," then quickly hit us with your "This or That."

Favorite Band / Album?

Kenny Chesney will forever be my favorite artist. I have so many memories listening to him growing up. Whether that was in the car on a roadtrip with my fam, at the lake in the summer, in my room as a heartbroken teen, etc. Attending his concert every summer also became a tradition for me and my best friend, Mary Kate. We still send other his concert dates as 30-somethings and try to coordinate a city that works for both of us. 

Honorable mention: Miranda Lambert

Last bing-watched series? 

Below Deck. I’m not a reality TV gal, but I cant help myself when it comes to BD. 

What book or podcast are you currently reading/listening to? 

I recently got a Kindle, and have been CRUSHING books! I’ve been really into thrillers and memoirs lately. The last thriller I read was “The House Across The Lake” by Riley Sager, and the last memoir I read was ”Reality Check” by Mike Sorrentino. 

I go back and forth listening to podcasts. When I am listening, my guilty pleasure is “Call Her Daddy”, and I am admittedly very behind. 

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know Sarah!

Whether you're interested in discussing a project, or connecting with Sarah on her admiration for Kenny Chesney -

Feel free to drop her a note by clicking the button below!

Joey Verzilli, Founder and owner of Lockeland Handcrafted Leather Studio

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