The Harpeth Project | Lockeland Leather x Building No. 9

Written by: Joseph Verzilli


Time to read | 3 min

Leather is alive. It absorbs time and develops a unique quality that many materials in a home don’t possess. When drywall gets dinged, you repair it. When the paint is scratched, you apply a new coat.

... but leather is different.

Leather is durable. It requires little maintenance. It anchors our sense of smell, touch, and sight in a particular time and place. These qualities make it perfect for a home.

We had the opportunity to craft select leather pieces for a private family retreat outside Nashville, Tennessee. This getaway is primarily used to relax, entertain guests and escape from the modern world. 

Building No. 9, lead by interior designer and craftsman, Peter Fleming, reached out to us to begin the project. Peter brought years of professional interior design experience to the table, mostly notably working with Robert A.M. Stern while living in New York. He just needed someone to help him execute his vision for this project. 

Peter’s working relationship with interior leather designer Bill Amberg on the Dallas Stars NHL team owners suite meant he needed someone with a high standard for perfection and quality.

We were happy to meet the challenge.

The Approach

Clients hire Peter because they appreciate his artistry and experimental artwork. They trust his experience to bring their vision to life. Based on the overall aesthetic, Peter knew leather would be the perfect complement to this project. 

On a project like this, it takes cooperation between an entire team - architects, designers, decorators, furniture makers and craftspeople. Collaboration is a key component to our business and we’re glad Peter saw this asset in our operation. 

“In this industry (interior design) the idea that an artist needs to be left alone to create a masterpiece is a myth. I chose to work with Lockeland Leather because they don’t just have high standards for quality, but they are easy to work with—they answer the phone and listen to the needs of the entire team to bring the project to life,” says Peter.

The Execution

What followed were unique leather pieces throughout the house that don’t just look great, but will slowly take on the character and charm of time spent relaxing and entertaining.  

Leather Bar Top

This custom leather bar top was the focal point for the wine bar in the entertaining area of the retreat. The leather was prepared off-site and then trimmed and installed at the residence. It features a hand-rubbed finish which gives depth and character to the bar top. During wine tastings the leather provides the perfect surface to place fine crystal glasses and stemware without the harsh clink from traditional bar tops. 


Dining Chair Shawls

The owner had an existing set of wicker chairs for the dining room table they wanted to use, but they didn’t quite fit the space or the aesthetic. Instead of replacing them we found a creative solution to repurpose the seating. 

Custom leather chair shawls were made imported Italian leathers, and handcrafted to adorn each chair. These pieces add a unique look to the space, and give each guest a tactile touchpoint as they slide the chair out from the table and prepare for dinner.  



Bedside Serving Tray Blotters

Crafted from vibrant red French buffalo leather, our serving tray blotters really encompass Peter’s main design goal for this project. These are the details expected and necessary for a luxury experience. These elements are part of the overall design vision - to give each guest at this retreat a one-of-a-kind experience - even if it’s just when they’re plugging their phone in at night or resting a glass of water on the nightstand.

The leather inserts are nestled in white oak boxes made by Aberdeen Studio, a custom furniture maker and fabricator based in Nashville. They also happen to be our shop neighbors. 


 Beyond Necessity 

Craftsmanship elevates a space. It takes design beyond necessity into a realm of luxury, where elegant solutions complete the overall vision. It’s these details, however subtle, that are woven into every experience in a home and help its owners and guests feel a part of the space. 

Our goal in every home we work in is to help our clients determine how they want to remember and experience their space. Leather is our passion and using it to help people embrace their surroundings is our goal. 

Let us know how we can help you with your next project.