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A great meal is more than good food.

It’s a combination of everything that goes into the experience that a patron weaves into their memory – the smells, the lighting, the atmosphere.

These are the details they’ll remember long after they sign the check.

A menu is your patron’s first real glimpse into your kitchen. It lists many of the reasons they came there, so let’s make sure they get started on the right foot.

The Approach 

Siège Hospitality is a hospitality group located in Nashville, Tennessee. Their restaurants are known for exquisite cuisines served in a contemporary, modern setting.

People love their restaurants because the food is just as good as the service. Santo serves traditional Greek food and Kalamatas is known for their traditional Mediterranean fare. 

Siege Hospitality chose Lockeland Leather to create handcrafted leather menus for two of their restaurants in popular Nashville neighborhoods.

The Execution

Leather menus elevate the experience.

With our custom menu builder and our guidance, you can hone in on exactly what you want to create. 

Epice | “The cocktails are crisp, the entrees aromatic, and the wine elegant.”  

Epice is located in the 12South neighborhood which features vintage stores, gourmet restaurants, and stylish boutiques all within walking distance.

Epice had no reason to change. Their Lebanese food served in a casual setting with modern décor was already popular with the locals and tourists alike. Yet they sought to enhance their guest’s experience with leather menus. The leather menus are the perfect contrast for the bright and herbal flavors of traditional Lebanese food this bistro is known for. 

Our Charcoal Leather was selected, reinforced with Solid Brass Hardware and adorned with an understand Foil Stamp. These menus were consciously designed to compliment the marble table tops and light wooden chairs in the dining room. The Binding Cord binding option was chosen for it's simplicity and ease in changing over the paper menus held within.

Lola | “Be transported to deep Madrid past the tourist and the places…”

Lola is a new concept located in Sylvan Park on the southwest side of the city. Locally-owned restaurants and shops are nestled into this quaint residential neighborhood. 

This Spanish themed restaurant’s focus is wine and tapas. Siège Hospitality partnered with Powell Construction to create a warm and inviting space that represents the Madrilenian  heritage of the food and flavors coming out of the kitchen. 

The menus began with Full-Grain Italian Vegetable Tanner Leather, an upgraded option available when creating a custom menu design. This leather has a softer hand feel, light pebbling and a natural blonde finish, which is accented with contrasting Black Hardware. The Binding Cord binding option keeps everything together while a Matte Black Foil Stamp anchors the brand’s presence on the cover.

In addition to menus, Lola also wanted custom check presenters.

Although these are not available to be designed through our Menu Builder, we’re always happy to work with our clients to create custom solutions for their bars and restaurant. We crafted the check presenters with hand-painted edges, contrasting stitching and a gold foil stamp to highlight the script "Lola" wordmark. These custom menus leave a lasting impression in the dim lights of the brick lined dining room. 

Menu Features

For our menus we use a full grain leather that is hot stuffed with waxes and oils which protects the leather and conditions it from the inside out. This keeps the menus looking fresh and they can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

We offer two binding options – binding cord and binding bar. Each of these allow our clients to print their menu pages in-house without sacrificing the quality of the menus. For bars and restaurants this is a valuable feature since it allows them to easily update their menus or swap dirty pages. Exchanging menu pages is quick and easy which allows the staff to focus their attention on serving their guests.

Your Menu, Your Way

Each restaurant created menus from our menu builder that captured their brand’s story and purpose. This easy-to-use tool allows you to create a menu that’s truly unique and one of a kind for your restaurant.

Our menu builder has 8 different leather options, 5 hardware options, and 2 binding options.

Looking for something outside the box? Just like the check presenters we made for Lola, we can also create custom pieces.

Put something in your patrons’ hands you’re proud of - Reach out to us and let’s get started.