Creating Connection with WellSky | An Elevated, On-Site Experience

We recently had the opportunity to partner with WellSky, a software, analytics and services company that exists in the healthcare space.

Like us, WellSky prioritizes connection - Building relationships with clients and partners is kept top-of-mind, which made our collaboration obvious.

WellSky visited Nashville as a part of the 2024 ACMA National Conference. Over the course of their stay, they hosted clients and partners at a VIP soiree atop The Bobby Hotel in historic Printer’s Alley. Our city’s expanding skyline offered a gorgeous backdrop for the evening's event, with the iconic AT&T building featured center-stage.

Lockeland Leather artisans against Music City

WellSky invited us to join the party to offer an elevated on-site gifting experience, and commissioned us to craft a collection of custom Luggage Tags and Luxury Key Fobs for their guests.

handcrafted room-drop gifts

While our Luxury Key Fobs have been a popular choice for on-site gifting and customization, WellSky asked us to arrange for the custom Key Fobs to be gifted as room drops.

Upon arrival in Music City, USA, each guest was welcomed with a local, handcrafted gift waiting for them in their hotel room. This was a well-planned teaser for guests, foreshadowing the private rooftop event to follow.

We take great pride in our collaborative design process - working closely with our clients to choose materials and finishes to create one-of-a-kind gifts that will complement their brand. For WellSky’s Luxury Key Fobs, a pebbled Italian leather in a rich, brown finish was selected, then gold foil stamped with the WellSky logo, giving this welcome gift a classic and elegant aesthetic.

Lockeland Leather Handcrafted Luxury Key Fobs in Pebbled Italian Leather

on-site gifting experiences

For those attending WellSky’s main event at the Bobby Hotel, our team of artisans took to the rooftop to craft and customize our Luggage Tags, offering monogram stamping and personalized gift boxing for each guest.

Our carefully curated collection of Luggage Tag leathers have been chosen for their resilience and ability to hold up against the elements, making them a perfect fit for travel accessories. WellSky selected a timeless Cognac leather-tone, giving the tags a timeless look and feel.

On-site at our gifting experience, each guest was given their choice of monogram stamping in gold foil, or a blind emboss - a heated stamp with no foil. The classic style and design, along with our on-site monogramming service, made these custom Luggage Tags a huge hit with guests.

At the end of the evening, our guests received their custom-crafted gift, presented in an elegant, gilded giftbox, featuring our maker’s mark alongside our collabrator’s logo - an intentional finishing touch - the cherry on top!

WellSky went above and beyond at the 2024 ACMA Conference and, in a big way, showcased their commitment to connecting with their clients, employees, and partners. Their rooftop VIP event was an outstanding example of a cohesive and intentional brand experience, from start to finish.